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Do we really want to watch everything on tape delay?
By Paul K. McMasters Incidents like NASCAR driver's expletive on national TV keeps broadcasters scrambling to avoid fines by sanitizing the airwaves.   10.10.04

Campaign discourse on a downhill plunge
By Paul K. McMasters These days, candidates avoid confronting the irresponsibility, untruthfulness or unfairness of those speaking on their behalf.   09.26.04

Burning the Bill of Rights to save the flag
By Paul K. McMasters It's a uniquely American right to speak through our flag, and uniquely un-American to try to ban or punish symbolic political speech — as the Senate looks poised to do.   09.10.04

A government thumb on the remote control
By Paul K. McMasters Do you really want the feds telling you what you can and cannot hear or watch on the airwaves?   08.29.04

When journalists don’t do the crime but risk the time
By Paul K. McMasters Amid increasing secrecy, leaks by confidential sources are one of few safety valves for information that needs to get out, which is why threatening reporters with jail is wrong.   08.15.04

Celebrity privacy claims trump public justice
By Paul K. McMasters Stars often demand special treatment in court — incredibly, judges often grant it.   08.01.04

Trying to stifle protest is not good for democracy
By Paul K. McMasters Policies to confine political demonstrations to ‘safe’ areas discourage citizens from exercising their First Amendment rights.   07.18.04

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