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Too much secrecy is a challenge to justice
By Paul K. McMasters Courts are under enormous pressure to keep vast array of information out of the sight of ordinary citizens.   12.18.05

Racy downloads become more daring – and portable
By Paul K. McMasters Demands to regulate 'porn in the pocket' are inevitable, and must be resisted.   12.04.05

Leaks keep the ship of state afloat
By Paul K. McMasters Ever-increasing official secrecy makes leaks of news and information vital to the public — unless we want to stay completely in the dark about what government is doing.   11.20.05

The crime of speaking ill of your betters
By Paul K. McMasters Criminal-libel laws force defendants to face not individuals allegedly defamed, but the government as prosecutor and the taxpayer as underwriter.   11.06.05

Fear of dissent is a fear of freedom
By Paul K. McMasters The more unpopular the protest, the more our courts — and we as citizens — are tested in our commitment to the First Amendment.   10.23.05

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