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Why a bad deal by the press is a big deal to the public
By Paul K. McMasters We've come to expect a certain amount of silliness from television news operations.   06.01.00

Playboy signal-bleed case never should have been a case
By Paul K. McMasters Perhaps only die-hard First Amendment advocates welcomed yesterday's Supreme Court ruling that Congress violated our constitutional rights in trying to regulate sex-oriented cable channels, but all of us should be outraged that this silly, costly battle had to be fought in the first place.   05.23.00

The folly of reading the mind of the reader
By Paul K. McMasters Gershon Legman was a man of great accomplishments and interests, best remembered as the blood enemy of censors and their collaborators.   05.18.00

Don't just condemn censors, confront them
By Paul K. McMasters Trying to see 'the censors' side of things' only emboldens them; librarians, schools and others charged with keeping the flame of intellectual freedom must stand up to censorship, not try to accommodate it.   05.10.00

Censorship at the source: the worst kind
By Paul K. McMasters Maximum access to government information is a fundamental right and a shared responsibility of both the press and the public.   05.02.00

Free air time for candidates carries a high price
By Paul K. McMasters 'Money … is not speech,' Justice Stephens wrote in his concurrence to the majority opinion in Nixon v. Shrink, the recent Supreme Court decision upholding a Missouri law's limits on political campaign contributions.   04.07.00

The magic of movies vs. the mind of the censor
By Paul K. McMasters It's easy to dismiss Sunday night's annual Academy Awards event as a celebration of celebrity and an exercise in hype, ego and excess. It was all that and a made-for-television ratings grab, too.   03.28.00

The silencing of a courtroom critic
By Paul K. McMasters Scott Huminski is what you might call a 'citizen-reporter.' Until a year ago, he was a constant and careful observer of court proceedings in Rutland, Vt., passing on to the public his thoughts about judges and their rulings.   03.21.00

Access and technology: Change as an excuse for closure
Information is the currency of democracy.   03.13.00

Surfing the Net for compulsions and addictions
By Paul K. McMasters Just when we thought we had run out of things to worry about, psychologists at Stanford and Duquesne universities last week alerted us to a new menace: hundreds of thousands of 'cybersex compulsives' wandering about the land untethered.   03.06.00

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