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Free speech suffers a case of the cyber shakes
By Paul K. McMasters Whether or not the Internet ranks with drugs, alcohol and gambling as addictive threats, as some say, there's another addiction: the craving to regulate the heck out of it.   06.30.06

Does it matter that the press is under siege?
By Paul K. McMasters Wen Ho Lee settlement marks another loss of ground in journalists’ efforts to report thoroughly, fairly on an increasingly secretive federal government.   06.18.06

The flag amendment: Reverence confronts reason
By Paul K. McMasters When we salute the flag, we salute our commitment to free speech and the right to protest.   06.04.06

Casting a digital driftnet over freedom
By Paul K. McMasters As more of your personal life is translated into electronic form, your government becomes more interested in that virtual persona, whose rights have yet to be clearly defined.   05.21.06

Watch out for studies about TV harming kids
By Paul K. McMasters There's no sure way to predict how media will affect an individual; in fact, though children's TV watching is way up, youth violence rate is way down.   05.07.06

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