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Will Roberts Court flip Burger precedents?
By David L. Hudson Jr. Lemon, Central Hudson and Miller tests have survived for decades, but will they remain viable?   05.09.08

Tenn. woman gets go-ahead to sue boss over firing
By David L. Hudson Jr. 6th Circuit panel finds merit in Karen Cameron's intimate-association claim that she was fired for marrying political foe.   05.08.08

Turner v. Safley: high drama, enduring precedent
By David L. Hudson Jr. More than 20 years after Supreme Court's decision, Safley still governs as leading standard for assessing inmate free-expression claims.   05.01.08

Hazelwood still extends far beyond student press
By David L. Hudson Jr. 6th Circuit ruling reminds us 1988 high court decision is oft-invoked to restrict many kinds of student speech.   04.21.08

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