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Diverse newsrooms contribute to public trust of press
By Gene Policinski First Amendment doesn't mandate diversity, but having journalists from different backgrounds, communities improves coverage and public’s sense of why press freedom matters.   04.20.08

Banning liquor ads in college newspapers doesn’t work
By Gene Policinski Virginia judge's ruling notes prohibition restricted campus press freedom, put student publications at competitive disadvantage.   04.06.08

Closed-door government lacks key ingredient: us
By Gene Policinski When public records are involved, we must remember they aren’t open merely to satisfy the curious.   03.23.08

Rhubarb resumes over who owns sports info, images
By Gene Policinski In the struggle over rights to game information, photos and more, let's remember that it falls to a free press to report the good and the bad, without having to answer to owners or investors more interested in marketing than journalism.   03.09.08

Print-video-Web combos making for healthy journalism
By Gene Policinski Scripps award judging shows daily journalism is using 'all tech' to cover crucial news in new ways. Also: Montclair State update.    02.29.08

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