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Much is at stake in journalist-shield bill
By Gene Policinski A look at issues, settled and unsettled, in the proposed Free Flow of Information Act in the Senate that would protect the press from having to divulge confidential sources.   08.10.08

Janet Jackson ‘flap’: Everybody lost
By Gene Policinski Letting viewers decide what to see and hear is a lot more efficient than four years of litigation.   07.27.08

For better or worse, wild wild Web being fenced in
By Gene Policinski Legislation, court decisions, self-imposed restrictions and private vendor rules are creating limits in wide-open speech country.   07.13.08

George Carlin’s free-speech legacy lives on
By Gene Policinski Comedian got us thinking about what we can say on the air or elsewhere in public — and if we can't say it, why not.   06.29.08