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  Amalgamated Food Employees Union v. Logan Valley Plaza, Inc. (1968) overruled by Hudgens v. NLRB (1976)
  American Federation of Labor v. Swing (1941)
  American Radio Assn., AFL-CIO v. Mobile Steamship Assn., Inc. (1974)
  Bakery & Pastry Drivers & Helpers Local v. Wohl (1942)
  Building Service Employees International Union, Local No. 262 v. Gazzam (1950)
  Cafeteria Employees Union v. Angelos (1943)
  Cameron v. Johnson (1965)
  Carey v. Brown (1980)
  Carlson v. California (1940)
  Carpenters & Joiners Union of America, Local No. 213 v. Ritters Café (1942)
  Cox v. Louisiana (1965)
  Cox v. Louisiana (II) (1965)
  Frisby v. Schultz (1988)
  Giboney v. Empire Storage & Ice Co. (1949)
  Gregory v. City of Chicago (1969)
  Hotel Employees Local v. Wisconsin Employment Relations Board (1942)
  Hughes v. Superior Court of California (1950)
  International Brother of Teamsters Union v. Hanke (1950)
  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers v. NLRB (1951)
  Madsen v. Women's Health Center, Inc. (1994)
  Milk Wagon Drivers Union v. Meadowmoor (1941)
  Plumbers Union v. Graham (1953)
  Police Dept. of City of Chicago v. Mosley (1972)
  Senn v. Tile Layers Protective Union, Local No. 5 (1937)
  Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham (1969)
  Teamsters Local 695 v. Vogt (1957)
  Thornhill v. Alabama (1940)

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