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Justices: Writings on Free Speech
Cases organized by subheading
Chronological list of cases
Hugo L. Black
Supreme Court Justice
"Justice Black & the Bill of Rights" CBS Interview, Dec. 3, 1968 (1977)
"Justice Black & The First Amendment ‘Absolutes’: A Public Interview" (1962)
A Constitutional Faith (1969)
William J. Brennan, Jr.
Supreme Court Justice
"The Supreme Court & the Meiklejohn Interpretation of the First Amendment" (1965)
Benjamin N. Cardozo
Supreme Court Justice
"Mr. Justice Holmes" (1931)
William O. Douglas
Supreme Court Justice
A Living Bill of Rights (1961)
Concerning Dissent & Civil Disobedience (1968)
Points of Rebellion (1969)
The Right of the People (1958)
The Supreme Court of the United States (1928)
Charles Evans Hughes
Supreme Court Justice
The Supreme Court of the United States (1928)
William H. Rehnquist
Supreme Court Chief Justice & Associate Justice
"The First Amendment: Freedom, Philosophy, and the Law" (1976)
Antonin Scalia
Supreme Court Justice
"A House with Many Mansions: Categories of Speech under the First Amendment," in The Constitution, The Law, and Freedom of Expression: 1787-1987 (1987)
John Paul Stevens
Supreme Court Justice
"Some Thoughts on a General Rule" (1979)
"The Bill of Rights: A Century of Progress" (1992)
"The Freedom of Speech" (1993)
Potter Stewart
Supreme Court Justice
"Or of the Press" (1975)
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