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Toledo Newspaper Co. v. United States (docket #: 371) (1918)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 03/07/1918
Decided 6/10/1918
Supreme Court Vote 5-2
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
IssueWhether the prosecution of a newspaper publisher for contempt of court in publishing commentary attempting to influence public opinion and the decision of the court violated the First Amendment's free press guarantee.
Majority Opinion White, J. (Day, J. & Clarke, J. not participating)
Dissenting Opinion Holmes, J. (joined by Brandeis, J.)
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
For Petitioner
Larence Maxwell

For Respondent
William L. Day

"Contempt Against Newspaper Upheld," The Washington Post, June 11, 1918, p. 4
"Editor Cochran Loses His Contempt Appeal," The Atlanta Constitution, Oct. 22, 1918, p. 3
"Fines Paper and Editor," The New York Times, Jan. 24, 1915, p. 14
"Toledo Paper Loses Case on Press Freedom," The Chicago Daily Tribune, June 11, 1918, p. 5
"Upholds Restraint of Press Criticism," The New York Times, June 11, 1918, p. 9
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