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Schad v. Mount Ephraim (docket #: 79-1640) (1981)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link Schad v. Mount Ephraim  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 02/25/1981
Decided 6/1/1981
Supreme Court Vote 3-4-2
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim upheld
IssueWhether a New Jersey ordinance prohibiting all live entertainment, including nonobscene nude dancing, was overbroad and violated rights of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment
Majority Opinion White, J.
Concurring Opinion Blackmun, J., Powell J. (joined by Stewart, J.), & Stevens, J. (concurring in judgment)
Dissenting Opinion Burger, C.J. (joined by Rehnquist, J.)
Lower Court District Court for the District of Columbia (3-judge court)
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
For Petitioner
Robert E. Levy

For Respondent
Arnold N. Fishman

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