3rd Circuit rejects juror anonymity in Wecht trial (commentary)
  By Douglas Lee Saying that in most cases openness outweighs risks of identifying jurors, appeals panel holds that press has right to know their names.     08.20.08
  Telephone-harassment statutes (analysis)
  By Josh Tatum State-by-state compilation of telephone-harassment statutes.     08.18.08
  Why I am boycotting the China Olympics (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes For all of the hype about how giving China the Olympics would lead to more openness and concern for human rights by Beijing, the opposite has taken place.     08.14.08
  Much is at stake in journalist-shield bill (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski A look at issues, settled and unsettled, in the proposed Free Flow of Information Act in the Senate that would protect the press from having to divulge confidential sources.     08.10.08
  When government prays, religion loses (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes Why anyone of faith would support ceremonial public prayers stripped of religious meaning is hard to fathom.     08.03.08
  3rd Circuit won't create new category of unprotected speech (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Court votes 10-3 to strike down 1999 federal statute that criminalizes depictions of animal cruelty.     08.01.08
  Government-speech doctrine can make restrictions too easy (commentary)
  By Douglas Lee Two recent cases show how a usually harmless principle may be applied in ways that put free speech at risk.     07.30.08
  Janet Jackson ‘flap’: Everybody lost (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Letting viewers decide what to see and hear is a lot more efficient than four years of litigation.     07.27.08
  Ruling against expression is no music to inmates’ ears (commentary)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. 3rd Circuit defers to Pennsylvania prison officials's claims that allowing inmates to play in independent bands posed security risk.     07.23.08