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  6th Circuit supports Tenn. school's Confederate flag ban
  Panel points to race-related incidents in ruling that school officials could bar symbol because they could 'reasonably forecast' that it would cause disruption.     08.21.08
  Federal judge: Man's anti-war T-shirts express 'core political speech'
  Arizona can't prosecute Dan Frazier under state law that bars sale of products that use military casualties' names without families' permission.     08.21.08
  Copyright holders must weigh fair use, federal judge says
  Ruling is first to require content owners to consider fair use of their material before demanding that Internet sites such as YouTube take down material.     08.21.08
  Gag order lifted on MIT students who exposed subway fare flaws
  Federal judge says Massachusetts agency was unlikely to succeed on claim that students violated computer-fraud law, doesn’t rule on collegians' free-speech argument.     08.20.08
  Company to ditch anti-nuke billboard at airline's request
  'It's disturbing that a private tenant (Northwest Airlines) in a public, taxpayer funded building can dictate' what ads can be displayed, says Union of Concerned Scientists media director.     08.20.08
  Univ. of Ill. under fire for not opening Obama-related files
  College says it can't yet release records related to Democratic candidate's service to nonprofit group because unidentified donor hasn't turned over ownership rights.     08.20.08
  Inmate’s scribble on cell wall ruled a true threat
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Wisconsin appeals court unswayed by argument that penciled words constituted 'hyperbolic emotional outburst.'     08.19.08
  Conn. judge won't allow release of ex-inmate's records
  Associated Press had requested prison documents related to case of man who served 18 years for crime he didn't commit.     08.19.08
  Fla. court limits access to D.C. Madam's suicide photos
  Judge says pictures can be viewed under state's public-records law but can't be copied or published.     08.19.08
  Jack Landau, 'First Amendment guerrilla,' dies
  Veteran reporter helped organize Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in 1970.     08.18.08
  8th Circuit: Student's gory essay qualifies as 'true threat'
  Unanimous three-judge panel rejects Minnesota teen's free-speech claim, says teacher 'quite reasonably felt personally threatened.'     08.18.08
  McCain ad strikes wrong chord, singer-songwriter says
  Jackson Browne files lawsuit, claiming use of 'Running on Empty' in ad was infringement of his copyright and will lead people to conclude he endorses Republican presidential hopeful.     08.18.08
  Calif. bill would protect student journalism teachers
  State Senate passes amended measure, awaits end of budget impasse to send measure to governor.     08.16.08
  Ore. high court: Racist, homophobic speech is protected
  'We can deal with racism and homophobia in our society without doing damage to the important protections of free speech,' justices rule.     08.15.08
  Ohio library can't block religious group's meeting
  Federal judge prohibits public library from excluding activities it deems religious, though ruling doesn't express opinion on whether policy is constitutional.     08.15.08
  McCain didn't violate campaign-finance laws, FEC lawyers say
  Attorneys issue memo affirming Republican presidential hopeful's right to bypass public-financing system and strict spending limits that come with it.     08.15.08
  Lawyer's disciplinary records aren't public, Mont. justices decide
  State high court rejects newspaper's call to release records, saying it would be unfair to former city attorney to change rules now.     08.15.08
  Ind. mayor wants to oversee employees' press contacts
  Union official accuses Muncie Mayor Sharon McShurley of trying to restrict free speech.     08.14.08
  Subpoena seeks to unmask anonymous bloggers
  Oklahoma Web site operator says he won’t cooperate with order and that all posts at issue were critical of local district attorney.     08.14.08
  Feds defend use of cyber law in MySpace suicide case
  Rebutting defense motion to dismiss case, prosecutors argue statute used to indict Lori Drew applies even though it's usually used against hackers who illegally obtain info from computers.     08.13.08
  Federal judge blocks students’ hacking demo at conference
  Boston transit agency wins temporary order to stop MIT students from demonstrating security flaws in fare system.     08.12.08
  Info in Okla. court cases frequently kept under wraps
  Tulsa World analysis finds thousands of cases and documents have been sealed by state district judges since 2003.     08.12.08
  N.Y. mayor restores news-media access to crime info
  Buffalo's Byron Brown overrides police policy change, saying he agrees with concerns voiced by residents who want to know where crimes happen.     08.11.08
  Fight over beer-cap censorship fizzles when feds back down
  Dispute had been brewing since last winter when agency rejected 'Try Legal Weed' as message on bottle caps.     08.09.08

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