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  NYC to pay $2 million to anti-war protesters
  City agrees to settle lawsuit brought by 52 activists who say they were unjustly arrested in 2003 while demonstrating against Iraq war.     08.21.08
  Protesters challenge restrictions at GOP convention
  Two lawsuits filed in Minnesota state court claim that St. Paul city, police officials are restricting free-speech rights by confining demonstrators to designated area.     08.13.08
  N.J. residents demand freedom of beach
  Tactics used by various shore towns, property owners prevent public from enjoying sand and surf.     08.11.08
  Court won't order changes to DNC security plan
  Federal judge concludes parade routes, demonstration zone established by Denver officials don't infringe on protesters' free-speech rights.     08.07.08
  GOP convention attracting array of demonstrators
  Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to use streets outside Xcel Center as national podium, transforming downtown St. Paul, Minn., into a literal marketplace of ideas.     08.05.08
  Group will protest DNC's 'freedom cage,' organizer tells court
  Recreate 68 co-founder's comments come during trial over whether Denver's designated parade routes, demonstration zone accommodate activists' free-speech rights.     07.30.08
  10th Circuit rejects police appeal in suit over anti-war protest
  Three-judge panel upholds lower court ruling that Albuquerque officers aren't entitled to qualified immunity on claims they retaliated against demonstrators.     07.29.08
  Denver police talk to protesters ahead of Democratic convention
  'Instead of a bullhorn (on the streets) you're having a conversation across the table,' says department spokesman.     07.27.08
  Md. peace groups infiltrated, released documents show
  ACLU says police also included peace activist's name in federal database tracking terrorists, drug dealers.     07.18.08
  Ruling: Protesters can't get closer to GOP convention site
  Federal judge says St. Paul, Minn., officials have security reasons to justify restrictions on permit for group that plans to march on first day of gathering.     07.17.08
  3rd Circuit upholds dismissal of anti-gay activists' lawsuit
  Three-judge panel says that while protesters had First Amendment right to demonstrate at 2004 gay street festival in Philadelphia, they didn't have right to drown out speakers.     07.16.08
  Feds should consider banning Rainbow Family, official says
  Forest Service law enforcement director cites confrontation, arrests at last week's, previous annual gatherings.     07.10.08
  Religious group can hand out fliers at St. Louis gay-pride event
  Federal judge rules that city parks are public forums open to all, government may not stop people from communicating inside them.     06.27.08
  ACLU claims Indianapolis police harassed homeless
  Lawsuit alleges treatment of four homeless men violated their rights of free speech and protection from unreasonable searches.     06.13.08
  Ind. city to fine teens, parents for curfew violations
  Under Plymouth's new ordinance, which is tougher than state law, juveniles would be fined $10 for first offense and $25 for second, while their parents would be fined $50 for third.     06.11.08
  34 convicted in Guantanamo protest at Supreme Court
  D.C. judge rejects defendants' argument that they were exercising free speech by demonstrating on high court plaza, where such activities are banned.     06.02.08
  5th Circuit upholds Miss. political primary system
  Court overturns federal judge's ruling that would have forced residents to register by political party, show photo ID at the polls to be able to vote.     05.29.08
  Scouts sue Philadelphia, seeking to stay in city-owned facility
  City solicitor: 'We're not punishing them for not admitting homosexuals, but they can't get free rent and violate our (nondiscrimination) policy.'     05.28.08
  3rd Circuit clears Pa. police in arrests of thong-clad protesters
  Panel says nearly naked men protesting Abu Ghraib detentions created confusing situation that gave officers qualified immunity for their actions.     05.24.08
  Trial to proceed over activists' exclusion from press conference
  9th Circuit panel finds that although Forest Service can control who speaks at its news conferences, who can attend is a different matter.     05.09.08
  ACLU files suit to protect Democratic convention protesters
  Lawsuit seeks to put pressure on U.S. Secret Service, city of Denver to release plans for dealing with demonstrators and to keep activists from being unfairly separated from convention.     05.07.08
  4 protesters acquitted in campus anti-war demonstration
  Two students still face charges from University of Alabama that they violated Code of Student Conduct.     05.05.08
  Tenn. Freedom Riders to receive honorary degrees
  State Board of Regents reverses its decision to deny honors for 14 Tennessee State University students who were expelled for their activism.     04.25.08
  4th Circuit OKs N.C. city's picketing law
  Three-judge panel says Raleigh ordinance does minimum necessary to allow police to keep order and protect both public and protesters.     04.18.08
  Miami commissioners vote to ban panhandling downtown
  City officials say they plan to meet in coming weeks with homeless advocates to work out final language of proposal.     04.12.08
  Calif. court limits protests outside Vietnamese newspaper
  Judge says he's unmoved by arguments that restrictions would violate free speech of activists who've been picketing Nguoi Viet over concerns it has communist leanings.     04.09.08
  Kan. governor signs funeral-picketing bill
  New law, which goes into effect April 10, replaces similar statute that state high court invalidated last month.     04.04.08
  Kan. governor expected to sign revised funeral-picketing bill
  Westboro Baptist spokeswoman says church won't challenge law once it's back on the books: 'They aren't interfering with us, so why bother?'     03.28.08
  Protesters unfairly excluded from inaugural parade route
  Federal judge notes inauguration 'is not a private event,' finds Park Service violated its own regulations by favoring government supporters over critics during permit process.     03.21.08
  Court upholds Wash. 'top 2' primaries
  In dissent, Justice Scalia says system could cause a political party to be associated with candidates who may not represent its views.     03.18.08

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