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Policing the First Amendment
By Nat Hentoff Push by some members of Congress to reinstate Fairness Doctrine to ensure 'diversity of views' would instead revive an enemy of free speech.   01.31.07

Putting God in his place
By Nat Hentoff When a N.J. high schooler recorded religious comments by a popular history teacher, he started a furor not only in his hometown but elsewhere around this country.   01.03.07

When schools silence God talk
By Nat Hentoff As another school year starts, many administrators need a lesson on the meaning of the establishment clause (reprinted from USA TODAY).   08.30.06

Don't burn Constitution to save flag
By Nat Hentoff Current push to pass flag-desecration amendment puts us perilously close to undercutting the freedom for which our flag stands.   05.30.06

Fallout from Prophet cartoons continues
By Nat Hentoff 'Free speech' cries ring hollow on college campuses and beyond (reprinted from USA TODAY).   04.20.06

Bob Barr vs. the FBI
By Nat Hentoff Conservative libertarian targets Ashcroft's Justice Department, Mueller's FBI for violating First Amendment.   10.06.04

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