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Locking out the public: the secret selection of Martha Stewart jury
By Ken Paulson Jury selection is a crucial part of a trial, and as 2nd Circuit recently ruled, it's crucial that it remain open to the public.   02.27.04

Court lets consumers curb unwanted calls
By Ken Paulson Although 10th Circuit deals setback to telemarketers, there are some encouraging words in the ruling.   02.17.04

Flashpoint: Janet Jackson and government regulation of TV
By Ken Paulson It's a mistake to undermine free expression just because of the crassness of a Super Bowl halftime show.   02.06.04

OutKast vs. Rosa Parks: a clash of icons
By Ken Paulson Civil rights heroine who refused to move to back of bus objects to her name being used in rap song, but court was wrong to reinstate her case.   02.01.04

Grammar lesson: how the FCC embraced the F-word
By Ken Paulson Government agency looked at its profanity regulations and found they covered only certain parts of speech; now a congressman wants to rediagram the restrictions.   01.25.04

Jailed for speech: Criminal libel is an old — and bad — idea
By Ken Paulson Poking fun at Colorado prof by doctoring his photo to look like KISS member is pure satire — it doesn't warrant confiscation of The Howling Pig newsletter publisher's computer.   01.18.04