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T-shirt rebellion in the land of the free
By Charles C. Haynes Students' shirts proclaim every conceivable cause — and schools should resist the urge to ban them.   03.14.04

Banning head scarves in school: French state vs. religious liberty
By Charles C. Haynes Peace among people of faith is possible only when state guards liberty of conscience for every person.   02.15.04

Religious Freedom Day 2004: marking America's defining moment
By Charles C. Haynes 1786 Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom marked the first time in history that church, state were fully separated by law.   01.11.04

Church-state clashes in 2003: hard-won lessons in fairness
By Charles C. Haynes 'Removers' want to erase religion from public life; 'imposers' want to push it on everyone. Both approaches are wrong.   12.28.03

Hanukkah 2003: lighting candles in the darkness
By Charles C. Haynes Jews are confronting new, dangerous rise in anti-Semitism in many regions of the world.   12.14.03