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What we can’t know hurts us
By Paul K. McMasters In the war on terrorism, too much public information is missing in action.   02.06.05

Getting a grip on our right to be offended
By Paul K. McMasters That we're too thin-skinned is typified by arrests for lawyer jokes, self-censorship by TV network of Mickey Rooney's behind.   01.23.05

Criminalizing terrorist speech is tempting but wrong
By Paul K. McMasters It's tempting to want to outlaw talk of jihad and destruction, but to try to do so would be unwise, unworkable and unconstitutional.   01.09.05

Silencing ourselves by censoring others
By Paul K. McMasters Americans don't face censorship problems the way people in other countries do, right? Not quite.   12.26.04

'Do Journalists Need a Better Shield?'
Paul McMasters and Geoffrey R. Stone debate issue of journalist shield law (re-posted by permission from the Legal Affairs magazine Web site).   12.14.04

Testing freedom: a year in the life of the First Amendment
By Paul K. McMasters A look back at developments over the past year as we celebrate the 213th birthday of the First Amendment.   12.12.04