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Bob Barr vs. the FBI
By Nat Hentoff Conservative libertarian targets Ashcroft's Justice Department, Mueller's FBI for violating First Amendment.   10.06.04

Those who'd 'shut up' Fox News ignore press freedom
By Nat Hentoff MoveOn.Org, Common Cause's complaint filed with FTC is anti-First Amendment, as agency chairman pointed out.   09.15.04

Kerry keeping military files under wraps
By Nat Hentoff Since centerpiece of Democratic presidential candidate's campaign is what he did in Vietnam, aren't voters entitled to look at the entire record?   09.08.04

FBI's scare tactics trampling free speech
By Nat Hentoff Bureau's current intimidation of protesters is reminiscent of agency's effort to chill dissent during J. Edgar Hoover's reign.   09.01.04

Shining light on an FBI cover-up
By Nat Hentoff Sens. Patrick Leahy and Charles Grassley have faced an uphill battle in trying to have the accusations of a fired FBI whistleblower made public.    08.03.04

A brave lesson plan on the First Amendment
By Nat Hentoff Brooklyn high school valedictorian Tiffany Schley proves a class act even as officials censor her speech.   07.23.04

Rewrite Patriot Act to protect freedom to protest
By Nat Hentoff Critics say language in current law can label legitimate protesters as domestic terrorists.   02.19.04

Rolling back the Patriot Act
By Nat Hentoff Critics of current law say proposed revisions in 'SAFE Act would prevent fishing expeditions into sensitive personal records.'   02.13.04

Supreme Court's gag rule on us
By Nat Hentoff Press has underestimated effect of campaign-finance decision banning interest groups' broadcast ads close to elections.   01.28.04