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City of Littleton v. Z.J. Gifts (2004)  [Findlaw]

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Argument Date 03/24/2004
Decided 6/07/2004
Supreme Court Vote 9-0
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied.
IssueTo what extent, consistent with the First Amendment, must prompt judicial review be assured in adult-business licensing cases?
Majority Opinion Breyer, J.
Concurring Opinion Souter, J. (concurring in part & conucrring in judgment) (joined by Kennedy, J), & Stevens, J. (concurring in part & concurring in judgment), & Scalia, J. (concurring in judgment)
Certiorari Granted 10/14/2003
Lower Court 10th Circuit
Lower Court Ruling Held: the judicial review procedure and pre-application requirements of Littleton's ordinance are unconstitutional, but that the location requirements of the ordinance are constitutional.
Oral Arguments official transcript
For Petitioner
J. Andrew Nathan for Petititioner, City of Littleton (cert. brief)

For Respondent
Arthur M. Schwartz

Michael Gross

For Petitioner
Brief for City of Littleton

Reply Brief for City of Littleton

For Respondent
Brief for Z.J. Gifts

News Stories & Commentary
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Opinion - Lower Court
Z.J. Gifts v. City of Littleton (10th Cir., 2002)

ZJ Gifts D-4 v. City of Littleton (10th Cir., 2003)

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