Attacks on Islam aid terrorists, undermine religious freedom (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week seems to be less an attack against Islamist terrorism than against Islam itself.     10.28.07
  Open meetings, open records: It’s the public’s business (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Note to those who picked East Tennessee county officeholders by secret vote: Sunshine laws don't paralyze government, they make it accountable.     10.21.07
  Bowled over by toilet tirade ... (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Really — a disorderly conduct charge for cursing at an overflowing commode in your own home? Also: journalist shield, fantasy baseball.     10.18.07
  Presidential contenders scramble to get God right (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes It may turn out that 'somewhat religious' candidates are preferred by a nation suffering from culture-war fatigue.     10.14.07
  Foreword: Justice Thomas and the First Amendment (analysis)
  By Erwin Chemerinsky Essays in this online symposium lead to stark view of Justice Clarence Thomas as the most radical member of the Supreme Court.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas: constitutional ‘stare indecisis’ (analysis)
  By Thomas C. Goldstein Recent First Amendment decisions are a window into Thomas’ view that constitutional-law precedent has no value.     10.08.07
  Flexibility and the First Amendment (analysis)
  By Eric F. Citron In his concurrences, Justice Thomas shows a controversial tendency to replace balancing tests with more hard-and-fast rules.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas and sexual expression (analysis)
  By Geoffrey Stone Thomas accords government considerable deference when it regulates obscenity, restricts conduct; but applies rigorous scrutiny to content-based limits on non-obscene sexual expression.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas and the electronic media (analysis)
  By Mary-Rose Papandrea Tracing Thomas' application of traditional First Amendment doctrine to all forms of communication.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas: leading the way to campaign-finance deregulation (analysis)
  By Richard L. Hasen Thomas' clear, if radical, vision is proving influential, drawing other justices toward his view that government cannot limit money spent on election ads, other forms of political speech.     10.08.07