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  Morse v. Frederick: history, policy and temptation (analysis)
  By William D. Araiza In student-speech and other cases, Justice Thomas' approach reflects discomfort with the balancing and line-drawing that marks much of the Court’s recent free-speech jurisprudence.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas: a lone caution over speech codes (analysis)
  By Robert M. O'Neil Suspicion of official reasons offered to bar certain words from being uttered marks justice's jurisprudence.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas and prisoners’ freedom of expression (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Reasoning in several opinions renders First Amendment essentially a nullity for inmates challenging restrictions on expression.     10.08.07
  Noting the emperor has no clothes: establishment-clause jurisprudence of Justice Thomas (analysis)
  By John C. Eastman Believing legal opinion on establishment clause in 'hopeless disarray,' Thomas challenges view that clause applies to states.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas and the burning cross (analysis)
  By Scott D. Gerber Thomas' jurisprudence has changed to the point where racial significance of cross-burning dictates his constitutional analysis.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas on compelled speech (analysis)
  By Stephen Bates In this area, the justice believes that the First Amendment should be construed broadly; he would strike down programs that the Court would uphold.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas and commercial speech (analysis)
  By Bruce E.H. Johnson A jurist's long intellectual journey to a staunch defense of advertising as protected expression.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas, speaking (or not) about the First Amendment (analysis)
  By Alyssa Work Preferring to write out his views, Thomas has let his voice be heard from the bench in only seven First Amendment cases out of 94 in which he has taken part.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas’ First Amendment case record (analysis)
  By Ronald K.L. Collins and Alyssa Work Lists, tables showing Justice Clarence Thomas's record on First Amendment cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.     10.08.07
  Justice Thomas & the First Amendment: voting record (analysis)
  Alyssa Work Justice Clarence Thomas' voting record on selected topics: sexual expression, commercial speech, compelled speech and campaign speech.     10.08.07
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