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  Witch trials and tribulations in the land of the free (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes No matter what military officers, school principals or other officials think about Wicca, it's their constitutional duty to protect the religious freedom of all Americans, including witches.     04.01.07
  PROTECT Act to face high court scrutiny (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Justices to decide whether latest congressional effort to combat child pornography violates First Amendment.     03.27.07
  'Surge in secrecy: Democracy’s incremental disaster' (commentary)
  Speech by Paul K. McMasters at National FOI Day Conference, March 16, 2007.     03.27.07
  ‘Bong Hits’ case may clarify scope of student speech (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski How much leeway should school officials have to declare expression by students to be 'disruptive'?     03.25.07
  'My first two years: access issues at the National Archives' (commentary)
  Speech by Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein at National FOI Day Conference, March 16, 2007.     03.23.07
  Is this the 'youth voice'? (commentary)
  By Sam Chaltain Student's 'bong hits' banner case at high court lacks the moral import of 1969 Tinker ruling — suggesting an eroding quality of discourse in our country.     03.21.07
  Justices may take centrist view of 'Bong Hits' case (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Wariness of giving schools too much power over student speech contends with desire to help them fight drug use.     03.20.07
  Americans don’t know much about religion, but does it matter? (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes Religious literacy matters because religion matters — it plays a central role in shaping events at home and abroad.     03.18.07
  It's time to let public tune in the voices of the Supreme Court (commentary)
  By Ronald K.L. Collins Justices have slowly moved toward more-open proceedings; airing oral arguments on radio would be good next step.     03.15.07
  AP CEO: secrecy becoming entrenched (analysis)
  In Q&A, Tom Curley sees some open-government wins but journalist subpoenas are 'area of greatest concern.'     03.14.07
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