Media industry should take FCC report seriously (commentary)
  By Kevin W. Saunders If agency can regulate obscenity, indecency, it would seem that material could be restricted as indecent because of its violent nature.     04.27.07
  Remembering Halberstam, role of press in civil rights struggle (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author talked about importance of news media on 'Speaking Freely.'     04.27.07
  No real evidence for TV violence causing real violence (commentary)
  By Jonathan Freedman FCC report not an objective review of scientific research; and if images of fictional violence cause real violence, why is violent-crime rate down?     04.27.07
  A commentary on the Federal Communications Commission report (commentary)
  By Tim Winter FCC report is a positive, forceful response to an issue that poses grave risks to our society.     04.27.07
  FCC television-violence report: a conclusion in search of an analysis (commentary)
  By Robert Corn-Revere New report made recommendations without answering even one of the questions in the original inquiry.     04.27.07
  Court ready to chip away at campaign-finance law? (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Two justices suggest issue-ad ban squelches political speech when it matters most.     04.26.07
  ‘Regulating Violence on Television’: overview of Edwards & Berman article (analysis)
  By Hannah Bergman Analysis of 1995 law-review article by Judge Harry T. Edwards and Mitchell N. Berman.     04.26.07
  Batch of new First Amendment books coming soon (commentary)
  By Ronald K.L. Collins 'Must reads' include works by Geoffrey Stone, Christopher Finan, Kenneth Ackerman.     04.23.07
  10-state analysis of campaign-ad disclosure laws (analysis)
  By Scott Felsenthal Showing how some states have incorporated the Internet into their election-ad disclosure laws.     04.23.07
  Amid Va. Tech horror: experiencing, not just getting, the news (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski The marvelous minutiae of everyday life revealed through a plethora of media gave humanity to what could have been a cold list of names.     04.22.07