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Commentary by Paul McMasters on Reporter's Privilege
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Journalists in jail: bad news for a democracy
By Paul K. McMasters Unlike China and Cuba, we have a Constitution that protects journalists from being jailed except when we find ways around it. 09.25.05
Giving up a source or giving up freedom
By Paul K. McMasters Supreme Court’s rejection of two subpoenaed reporters’ petitions is dismaying when jail time is viewed by judges and prosecutors as a way to coerce information. 07.03.05
'Do Journalists Need a Better Shield?'
Paul McMasters and Geoffrey R. Stone debate issue of journalist shield law (re-posted by permission from the Legal Affairs magazine Web site). 12.14.04
Journalists need a get-out-of-jail-free card
By Paul K. McMasters Law enforcement wants journalists to help do its investigating — and is filing charges against them if they refuse. 11.28.04
aking prisoners in the war on journalism
By Paul K. McMasters Hunt for whoever leaked CIA agent's name puts shadow of jail over journalists instead of leakers. 10.24.04
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