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Thomas v. Chicago Park District (2001)  [Findlaw]
First Amendment claim denied

Argument Date 12/03/2001
Decided 01/15/ 2002
Supreme Court Vote 9-0
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied.
IssueWhere someone is denied a park permit to engage in protected expression, does the First Amendment require both prompt access to judicial review and prompt resolution, including prompt appellate resolution? Individual and group advocating legalization of marijuana challenge the denial of a permit to hold a demonstration in a Chicago park. Specifically, petitioners’ argue that the city’s permit procedure did not provide for timely or prompt judicial review of denials.
Case Summary & Additional Resources
Majority Opinion per Scalia
Certiorari Granted 05/29/2001
Lower Court 7th Circuit
Lower Court Ruling Affirmed Federal District Judge George M.Marovich’s denial of First Amendment claim
Oral Arguments Oral Arguments - Transcript
For Petitioner
Richard Lawrence Wilson

For Respondent
David Strauss & Steven A. Weiss, Schopf & Weiss

Bonnie I. Robin-Vergeer

Leonard J. Koerner
Robin S. Whitehead
News Stories & Commentary
Medill School of Journalism analysis

Theodore Olson
Panel - Lower Court
Circuit Judge Frank Easterbrook
Circuit Judge John Coffey
Circuit Judge Richard Posner
Tony Mauro Analysis
High court appears unreceptive to challenge of Chicago park-permit rules

Justices avoid appeals-process question in park-permit case

Supreme Court agrees to examine city's park-permit rules

Supreme Court to examine 5 First Amendment cases

Opinion - Lower Court
Thomas v. Chicago Park District (2001)

The Freedom Forum case summary

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