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The Nostalgist’s Branch

09.19.08 | Will Hindmarch | Permalink

The Nostalgist’s Branch

I know it’s nostalgia because it aches a little. It’s something about the time of year. This is when, longer ago now than it seems, I’d sink into the thick of the school year. The air mellowed out, it got dark sooner, and summery shirts gave way to sweaters and scarves. We went indoors sooner, and we played games after school.

Nostalgia is about the pain of going home, and that’s what this is. It’s the strain in the arm of reaching back through the bars for something we can see but can’t reach. Tonight, for me, it’s about trying to recapture the days of play from back when. Summer was the time for messing around, but this was the season of games.

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Out of the Box Has Returned

09.12.08 | Jeff Tidball | Permalink

As a public service announcement to an astute readership that is no doubt already aware, Ken Hite’s long-running and highly recommended Out of the Box column is back from hiatus, now sponsored by and hosted at Indie Press Revolution, a fine organization now doubly beloved as the fine purveyor of both Ken’s fine column and our fine book.


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Playing An MMORPG Instead

09.11.08 | Will Hindmarch | Permalink

A full six-person fellowship adventuring in the dungeon of the Great Barrow.

A full six-person fellowship adventuring in the dungeon of the Great Barrow.

My new table-top RPG group hasn’t gotten together for a month now. In fact, we’ve only played twice so far.

Finagling our grown-up schedules and managing the physical distance between our physical selves is just plain complicated. There are jobs and meals and children to sort out. We struggle to get together and, in those three or four hours we have when all the pieces click and the game starts to hum, we so often get just a taste of the meal we looked forward to. Each of us takes a couple of fork-fulls, and before we know it there’s nothing left but crumbs.

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GenCon: Flea Market?

09.05.08 | Jeff Tidball | Permalink

GenCon: Flea Market?

One of the things that struck me about the dealer’s hall at GenCon this year was how much it seems to have evolved over the years from a place where the emphasis is on publishers selling their wares direct to consumers into a strange flea market of, yes, some games, but also a very wide variety of general geek-interest products. Keep in mind that this is a general sense I got; I’ve done no research, quantitative or otherwise.

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Things People Think About Our Book

08.26.08 | Will Hindmarch | Permalink

Things People Think About Our Book

Thanks to Fred Hicks at the Indie Press Revolution booth agreeing to handle the Gen Con sales of our new book, Things We Think About Games, we enjoyed a terrific launch over the past two weeks. I’m told the book was a “top seller” at Gen Con. I shipped a stack of books taller than I could’ve hoped last week, to fulfill direct orders through the site here. And we’ve just sent a shipment off that’ll soon make the book available at Amazon, too.

We’ll be experiencing some delays fulfilling immediate orders because, oh yes, we’ve sold out of our initial (modest) print run. (A new volley of copies is inbound even now, however, so we expect to be shipping books again in a few days.)

This is big news for us. We couldn’t be sure, when we put this book together, that there would be an interest in something like it. To those of you who have brought the book into your homes and bookshelves, thank you so much.

Thanks, too, to those of you who have taken the time to mention the book in your blogs and journals, who have reviewed the book, who have mentioned it to your friends, who passed it around at Gen Con like a yearbook, and who signed it like a yearbook.

Did you hear about that? No? Then let’s run down some of the things being said about Things We Think on the Internet.

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