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Inalienable yet undefended?
By Gene Policinski 2008 State of First Amendment survey reveals many don’t seem to fear government fiddling with our rights.
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  •    09.17.08

    Common sense — and good law — prevails in student-speech dispute
    By Gene Policinski Decision squarely affirms that non-disruptive student speech, be it on issues of international interest or on local policies, is protected.   09.07.08

    Basic rights aren't up for a vote
    By Gene Policinski Those who think gay students can be silenced because town disapproves should recall Jefferson's 'tyranny of the majority.'   08.27.08

    Let’s hope convention cities respect right to protest
    By Gene Policinski To shut down demonstrations, police and public officials must have more supportable reasons than vague concerns over order, safety or image.   08.24.08

    Much is at stake in journalist-shield bill
    By Gene Policinski A look at issues, settled and unsettled, in the proposed Free Flow of Information Act in the Senate that would protect the press from having to divulge confidential sources.   08.10.08

    Janet Jackson ‘flap’: Everybody lost
    By Gene Policinski Letting viewers decide what to see and hear is a lot more efficient than four years of litigation.   07.27.08

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