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"Highly entertaining, incisive ... the program (at the 2003 national Folk Alliance Conference) sailed deftly through 200 years of political music." — Daniel Gewertz, Boston Herald

"A triumph ... entertaining, informative, patriotic and emotionally thrilling. It's a walking, breathing, singing history lesson." — Sandra Roberts, The Tennessean, Nashville

"Fun ... scrupulously well-balanced" and appeals to "all political perspectives." — Cal Thomas, syndicated newspaper columnist and author

"The core message of 'Freedom Sings,' delivered within an amazing celebration of music, is vivid and undeniable. The sheer volume of history revealed, within a framework of songs which are a trip down memory lane, and delivered with humor, make Freedom Sings a tour de force — inspiring patriotism, nostalgia, and a powerful passion for the cause. Bravo!" — Kira Florita, Country Music Hall of Fame

"Without question, 'Freedom Sings' was the most meaningful, memorable and educational keynote event I’ve ever seen." — Chris Carroll, College Media Advisers

"'Freedom Sings' is exactly the kind of upbeat, positive presentation of our First Amendment freedoms that students and all Americans need to experience. Truly awesome!" — Dianne Smith, journalism adviser, Alief Hastings High School, Houston

"'Freedom Sings' is one of the best things I've ever experienced. It's a history lesson mixed with a great concert. The singers and musicians are marvelous. It's one of those 'I laughed, I cried, I got a lump in my throat, and I learned a lot' experiences." — Amy Kurland, The Bluebird Café

"'Freedom Sings' made a lasting impression on our members ... a program that rouses the imagination and inspires the soul." — Phyllis Barney, executive director, North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance

"It was amazing — amazing because it was entertainment at its best, but the focus on freedom of the press and freedom of speech was never lost." — Janice Collins, Hampton University faculty


Freedom Sings™

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