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Online symposium: TV violence & the FCC

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Timeline: TV, regulation and broadcast violence
Compiled by Bill Kenworthy Timeline of legislation, court rulings, other developments in efforts to curtail violence in television broadcasting.   01.08.08

Indecency regulation: beyond broadcast?
By David L. Hudson Jr. Currently FCC can't restrict indecent content on cable or satellite services — but some would like to change that.   12.05.07

Foreword: Protecting our children and our freedom
By Ronald K.L. Collins Introducing an online symposium on the FCC's report to Congress about regulating violence on television.   05.09.07

FTC media-violence report acknowledges First Amendment
By Tony Mauro Commissioners say state of constitutional law limits what government can do, entertainment industry needs to do more self-regulation.   05.07.07

Politics of TV violence returns to center stage: FCC’s TV-violence report
By Marjorie Heins Commissioners make useful suggestions about à la carte option for cable subscribers, but perhaps real agenda is to strong-arm the media industry into more self-censorship.   04.29.07

A commentary on the Federal Communications Commission report
By Tim Winter FCC report is a positive, forceful response to an issue that poses grave risks to our society.   04.27.07

FCC television-violence report: a conclusion in search of an analysis
By Robert Corn-Revere New report made recommendations without answering even one of the questions in the original inquiry.   04.27.07

Media industry should take FCC report seriously
By Kevin W. Saunders If agency can regulate obscenity, indecency, it would seem that material could be restricted as indecent because of its violent nature.   04.27.07

No real evidence for TV violence causing real violence
By Jonathan Freedman FCC report not an objective review of scientific research; and if images of fictional violence cause real violence, why is violent-crime rate down?   04.27.07

‘Regulating Violence on Television’: overview of Edwards & Berman article
By Hannah Bergman Analysis of 1995 law-review article by Judge Harry T. Edwards and Mitchell N. Berman.   04.26.07

FCC suggests framework for restricting TV violence
Report says Congress could regulate cable, satellite and broadcast television without violating First Amendment.   04.26.07

FCC TV violence report
Print page for 2007 FCC report on violent television programming and its impact on children.   04.26.07

TV violence: resources
Links to resources on issues involving violence and television.   04.26.07

American Amusement Machine Association v. Kendrick
Text of Judge Richard Posner’s 7th Circuit opinion in American Amusement Machine Association v. Kendrick (2001).   04.24.07

Timeline: broadcast decency
Compiled by Bill Kenworthy Timeline of legislation, court rulings, other developments in efforts to enforce decency in broadcasting.   10.05.06

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