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Learning About World Religions in Public Schools

The impact on student attitudes and community acceptance in Modesto, Calif.

Report on a required world-religions course in Modesto, Calif., public schools, by Emile Lester and Patrick S. Roberts. Foreword by Charles C. Haynes.

A fully formatted Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the printed report can be downloaded here.

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'World religions' course boosts liking for religious liberty
New study also finds required course in Modesto, Calif., doesn't cause students to change their own religious beliefs. 08.23.06

Americans don’t know much about religion, but does it matter?
By Charles C. Haynes Religious literacy matters because religion matters — it plays a central role in shaping events at home and abroad. 03.18.07

Do Arabic, Hebrew public schools cross church-state line?
By Charles C. Haynes Two new language-themed schools inevitably must teach words with religious significance, which could raise danger of imposing religion. 09.02.07

Evangelicals intensify calls for public-school pullout
Perceived hostility to religion in public schools fuels movement to home-schooling, private schools. 09.06.06

Hebrew classes to resume at Fla. charter school
Broward County school board members say concerns about Jewish faith seeping into public classrooms have largely been resolved. 09.12.07

Report says religion course promotes religious freedom
By Charles C. Haynes At last, empirical evidence of the effects of teaching about religion, including benefits and challenges. 05.14.06

To advance religious freedom, teach about religion
By Charles C. Haynes European security organization warns that diverse societies can't afford ignorance about their citizens' different faiths. 12.09.07

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