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The Bible and Public Schools: A First Amendment Guide

The Bible and Public Schools: A First Amendment Guide is published by the Bible Literacy Project, the Society of Biblical Literature and the First Amendment Center.

A fully formatted Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the printed report can be downloaded here.

Download the Acrobat file of The Bible and Public Schools, with graphics. (130 KB)

Download the Acrobat file of The Bible and Public Schools, without graphics. (65 KB)

For additional copies of the report call: 1-800-830-3733 and request Publication No. 99-F03.

Our files are created with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader version 5.0. Click graphic to download free.


Bible showdown in Odessa could have Texas-sized impact
By Charles C. Haynes When school officials try to turn a classroom into a church, sometimes it takes a judge to draw the First Amendment line. 05.27.07

Bible-literacy text advances in Alabama
State school board approves The Bible and Its Influence among 2,500 other textbooks for use in public schools. 10.21.07

Chattanooga schools offer privately funded Bible electives
Classes don't push 'theological or doctrinal viewpoint,' says director of Bible in the Schools. 12.24.06

Should a good education include the ‘Good Book’?
By Charles C. Haynes Knowing the Bible helps students understand religion, literature, history, art and more — and there are constitutional ways to teach it in public schools. 05.01.05

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