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Benjamin Bache & the fight for a free press
By Ronald K.L. Collins Fiery publisher's Aurora newspaper enraged Washington, Adams, other Federalists. Part 1   07.14.08

Picking nits: Justice Scalia, Heller & the First Amendment
By Ronald K.L. Collins A petition to correct an assertion about the first case in which the Supreme Court held a law to violate the free-speech guarantee.   06.27.08

Carlin: comic who buzz-sawed hypocrisy
By Ronald K.L. Collins George Carlin may have laid groundwork for the law of free speech to catch up with our culture of free speech.
  • In Carlin's own words   06.23.08

    Remembering 2 forgotten women in free-speech history
    By Ronald K.L. Collins and David L. Hudson Jr. Olive Rabe and Rosika Schwimmer, virtually unknown today, helped make First Amendment history. Part 1   05.27.08

    To the high court: Olive Rabe representing Rosika Schwimmer
    By Ronald K.L. Collins and David L. Hudson Jr. How two women virtually unknown today made free-speech history in United States v. Schwimmer. Part 2   05.26.08

    Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s voting record in free-speech cases
    Table showing how Supreme Court Justice Holmes voted in free-speech cases.   05.23.08

    As Justice Holmes said …
    Compiled by Ronald K.L. Collins Selected quotations by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. on free speech, related matters.   05.21.08

    What to make of 'make' in the First Amendment
    By Ronald K.L. Collins Nowhere else in Constitution or amendments is government barred from making certain laws.   05.08.08

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