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2007-2008 Supreme Court Term
   Petitions Filed
Freedom of Expression-Related
  Review Granted
  Chamber of Commerce v. Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Attorney General of California
  Whether a California law that prohibits employers from using money they receive from the state to oppose or support unionization efforts is preempted by federal labor laws.
  Federal Communications Commission v. Fox Television Stations, Inc., et al.
  Whether the FCC provided an adequate explanation, or instead acted arbitrarily and capriciously under the APA, in changing its policy to permit isolated uses of expletives on broadcast television to be considered "indecent" under federal law.
 Petitions for Review (pending cases)
  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
  (1) Whether the Court has jurisdiction to hear this appeal in light of a federal law allowing a direct appeal to the Justices "in any civil action, suit or proceeding required by an act of Congress to be heard and determined by a district court of three judges." (2) Whether restrictions on broadcast of ads to promote a critical campaign film about presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton violate the First Amendment.
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