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Roy Moore vs. Roger Williams: Two visions of America
By Charles C. Haynes In his Ten Commandments crusade in Alabama, Judge Moore says he's not trying to impose religion on anyone — but his actions show otherwise.   09.07.03

Debating homosexuality in schools: Censorship doesn’t work
By Charles C. Haynes Trying to stifle speech for or against homosexuality rides on false hope that harmony, tolerance will prevail if no one is allowed to say anything that might offend anyone.   08.24.03

County's 'approved religions' for official prayer: dangerous and wrong
By Charles C. Haynes Prediction: Once government promotes or funds an unpopular religion, support for church-state separation will suddenly soar.   08.10.03

Schoolkids learning American principles by practicing them
By Charles C. Haynes Quiet revolution called First Amendment Schools could change the direction of American education.   07.20.03

U.S. helping renovate historic churches doesn’t offend First Amendment
By Charles C. Haynes Old North Church still has active congregation, but federal money for refurbishment doesn't endorse any religion — it helps preserve history.   07.06.03

How much religious freedom is too much?
By Charles C. Haynes Case of Florida woman's refusal to remove veil for driver's license photo raises question of when public interest should trump religious liberty.   06.22.03

Supreme Court’s 1963 school-prayer decision didn’t ban school prayer
By Charles C. Haynes Schempp case, far from 'kicking God out of school,' said kids can pray but not be led or forced in prayer by public schools.   06.08.03

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