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State-imposed faith won't make U.S. stronger
By Charles C. Haynes Keeping the government from promoting religion is actually good for religion.   03.17.02

High court's pending vote on vouchers won't be end of the story
By Charles C. Haynes If court watchers are right and Cleveland program is given green light, the nation faces a fierce debate that may well determine the future of public education.   03.03.02

Media spotlight misses Utah's home-grown success story
By Charles C. Haynes Look beyond the myths, find a state committed to promoting religious liberty in public schools.   02.17.02

Mistakes in teaching about religion don't mean schools are 'anti-Christian'
By Charles C. Haynes Instead of making this another culture-war battle, let’s work together to ensure that all teachers have the preparation they need to get it right.   02.03.02

Breaking the gridlock to serve nation's needy
By Charles C. Haynes Diverse group agrees: Let’s act now on what we can agree on — and avoid bitter fights, lawsuits.   01.20.02

Believers should remember 'soul liberty,' respect rights of non-believers
By Charles C. Haynes Americans with no religious preference feel increasingly isolated, defensive about the joining of 'God and country' in ceremonies from Yankee Stadium to the local school.   01.06.02

Looking behind the numbers
By Charles C. Haynes Post-Sept. 11 spike in number of Americans who think religion is gaining influence belies steady gains made over years.   12.23.01

How to handle religious holidays in public schools
By Charles C. Haynes Upholding the First Amendment is key to solving the yearly 'December dilemma.'   12.09.01

Giving thanks for fragile freedoms
By Charles C. Haynes Now that our freedoms are under attack, we’ve awakened to how much we have to lose.   11.25.01

Put God back in schools? He never left
By Charles C. Haynes Students already have right to religious expression; re-imposing state-sponsored prayers won't save America.   11.11.01

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