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The high court and the incredible shrinking free-exercise clause
By Charles C. Haynes If justices uphold 6th Circuit and overturn RLUIPA, outcome could be most devastating blow yet to religious liberty in America.    03.20.05

Ten Commandments, nine justices, zero winners
By Charles C. Haynes Whatever the Supreme Court does in the Ten Commandments cases, neither those who want religion endorsed in the public square nor those who want religion removed from the public square will be satisfied.   03.06.05

Buster bunny meets two mommies: Who counts as ‘family’?
By Charles C. Haynes Education secretary's warning letter against TV episode that included same-sex parents inappropriately attempts to influence children's programming.   02.13.05

The Bible in Rolling Stone: Have the media seen the light?
By Charles C. Haynes Media outlets aren't required to accept religious advertising, but when they exclude religion, they fail the First Amendment ideal of free exchange of ideas.   01.30.05

Religious Freedom Day ‘05: unknown holiday for a forgotten freedom
By Charles C. Haynes Jan. 16 marks a revolutionary advance in our liberty — away from state-supported religion.   01.16.05

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