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Abood v. Detroit Board of Education (docket #: 75-1153) (1977)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 11/09/1976
Decided 05/23/1976
Supreme Court Vote 9-0
IssueWhether an "agency shop" arrangement, authorized by Michigan law between a local government employer and a union representing local government employees, whereby every employee represented by the union, even though not a union member, was required to pay to the union, as a condition of employment, a service fee equal in amount to union dues, violated the constitutional rights of those government employees who objected to public sector unions or to various union activities financed by the compulsory service fees.
Majority Opinion Stewart, J. (joined by Brennan, White, Marshall, Rehnquist, Stevens, JJ.)
Concurring Opinion Rehnquist, J., & Stevens, J., & Powell, J. (joined by Burger, C.J., and Blackmun, J.)
Lower Court Pennsylvania Superior Court
For Petitioner
Sylvester Petro

For Respondent
Theodore Sachs

For Amicus
John L. Kilcullen

Opinion - Lower Court
Abood v. Detroit Board of Education; Warczak v. Detroit Board of Education, 60 Mich. App. 92, 230 N. W. 2d 322
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