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NAACP v. Button (docket #: 5) (1963)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link NAACP v. Button  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 11/08/1961
Decided 1/14/1963
Supreme Court Vote 6-3
Note This is one of several First Amendment and civil rights cases argued in the Supreme Court by NAACP counsel Robert L. Carter.
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim sustained.
IssueWhether a Virginia barratry statute -- which banned the improper solicitation of any legal or professional business -- unconstitutionally burdened the First Amendment freedom of association rights of the petitioner and petitioner’s clients.
Case Summary & Additional Resources
Majority Opinion Brennan, J.
Concurring Opinion Douglas, J. & White, J. (concurring in part and dissenting in part)
Dissenting Opinion Harlan, J. (joined by Clark, J. and Stewart, J.)
Lower Court Virginia Supreme Court
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied.
Oral Arguments Oral Arguments  [Oyez]
Reargument  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Robert L. Carter

For Respondent
Henry T. Wickham

Ruling - Lower Court
N.A.A.C.P. v. Harrison, 116 S.E.2d 55, (Va., 1960)
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