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FDA labeling

Supreme Court
Thompson v. Western States Medical Center, 535 U.S. 357 (2002)
Central Hudson Gas & Elec. Corp. v. Public Serv. Comm’n of N.Y., 447 U.S. 557 (1980)

Washington Legal Foundation v. Henney, 202 F.3d 331, 337 at n. 7 (D.C. Cir. 2000)
Pearson v. Shalala, 164 F.3d 650 (D.C. Cir. 1999)
Washington Legal Foundation v. Friedman, 13 F.Supp. 2d 51 (D.D.C. 1998)

Ward, Shane M., "WLF and the Two-Click Rule: The First Amendment Inequity of the Food and Drug Administration’s Regulation of Off-Label Drug Use Information on the Internet," 56 Food Drug L.J. 41, 41 (2001)

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