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  Cheney ordered to save vice-presidential records
  Bush administration's legal position 'heightens the court's concern' that some documents may not be preserved, says federal judge.     09.22.08
  Pa. newspaper loses appeal of $3.5 million libel verdict
  State appeals court upholds ruling that Citizens' Voice defamed businessman and one of his companies.     09.22.08
  Journalists swept up in GOP convention protests won't face charges
  'This decision reflects the values we have in St. Paul to protect and promote our First Amendment rights to freedom of the press,' mayor says in statement.     09.22.08
  Campaign cash dries up with takeover of mortgage giants
  Whether Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae PACs come back in some form likely will depend on next Congress, says House committee chairman.     09.22.08
  FTC warns against bogus cancer cures
  One herb company's attorney argues that agency's campaign against product claims amounts to government censorship.     09.21.08
  Tenn. State Univ. honors expelled Freedom Riders
  College presents 14 activists with honorary degrees 47 years after dismissing them for participating in historic rides.     09.20.08
  9th Circuit rebuffs fired air marshal's whistleblower claim
  Robert MacLean had argued that when he leaked memo to news media it wasn't labeled as 'sensitive' information.     09.19.08
  Calif. city, Buddhists settle zoning fight
  Agreement, which ends two-year legal dispute, will allow congregation to move forward with plans to build temple in Garden Grove.     09.19.08
  Federal judge dismisses libel case against John Grisham
  Lawsuit had accused best-selling author, others of defaming plaintiffs in books criticizing prosecution in two Oklahoma murder cases.     09.19.08
  Hackers break in to Palin's e-mail account
  Secret Service asks Associated Press for copies of leaked messages, which have circulated widely online; news service won't comply.     09.18.08
  Fla. city's ban on saggy pants ruled unconstitutional
  Public defender for teen who spent night in jail urged judge to strike down Riviera Beach's law, telling him: 'Your honor, we now have the fashion police.'     09.18.08
  Neb. court throws out jury award in hog-farm case
  Defamation case brings first appellate review of state law meant to eliminate lawsuits aimed at stopping people from taking part in government proceedings.     09.18.08
  Dallas County changes policy to settle turban case
  In June 2006, Amardeep Singh was ordered out of courtroom for refusing to remove religious headwear.     09.18.08
  W.Va. high court releases chief justice's e-mails
  Move comes one day after lower court orders messages' disclosure, ruling judicial officers aren't exempt from state's open-records laws.     09.17.08
  Wis. appeals court tosses case seeking to make draft bills public
  Judges rule former attorney general doesn't have legal standing to continue case since she left office after losing re-election in 2006.     09.17.08
  11th Circuit hears claim NYC mayor defamed Ga. gun store
  Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr argues Michael Bloomberg damaged sporting goods shop's reputation by labeling it one of several 'rogue gun dealers.'     09.17.08
  '08 survey finds most Americans would accept limits on some freedoms
  News release As nation marks Constitution Day, most can't name First Amendment freedoms but seem willing to accept degree of government control.     09.17.08
  Pa. judge keeps Bob Barr on state's presidential ballot
  Local GOP official had challenged Libertarian nominee's inclusion, arguing that party tricked voters by gathering signatures under another candidate's name.     09.16.08
  Targets of Tenn. trooper's background checks not public record
  But state attorney general says list will become public once criminal investigation into Lt. Ronnie Shirley's actions is complete.     09.16.08
  Texas TV station apologizes for testing hospital security
  Potter County district attorney criticizes KCBD, saying apology, which was part of deal between authorities and NBC affiliate, lacked 'sincerity.'     09.16.08
  10th Circuit tosses challenges to Las Cruces city, school logos
  Three-judge panel finds use of crosses in New Mexico town's official emblems 'is not a religious statement,' and is based on city's unique name, history.     09.15.08
  Legal newspaper asks high court to unseal docket
  Public might never have known about Pennsylvania case except for 3rd Circuit decision earlier this year that revived the 'Jane Doe' lawsuit.     09.15.08
  YouTube bans terrorism-training videos
  'The reality is by shutting it down (on one Web site), it is more or less a game of whack-a-mole — it pops up somewhere else,' says homeland-security expert.     09.15.08
  3rd Circuit: Son can sue NFL Films over use of 'voice of God'
  Judges reject league's free-expression argument, say 22-minute program using John Facenda's voice was akin to infomercial for video game.     09.15.08
  Flint, Mich., police lift gag order on officers
  ACLU releases letter from police chief rescinding ban on talking to news media.     09.14.08
  Native American prison religion claim turned away
  Among other requests, Bobby Eugene Roddy wanted officials to provide him with a sweat lodge for a weekly ceremony.     09.13.08
  Va. high court overturns conviction of N.C. junk e-mailer
  Justices unanimously agree with Jeremy Jaynes that state anti-spam law violates free speech because it doesn't just restrict commercial e-mails.     09.12.08
  Anti-Obama group puts ads on hold after losing court bid
  Group funded by abortion foes had sought injunction to block Federal Election Commission from enforcing campaign regulations.     09.12.08
  Muslim cabbies in Minn. lose round in court
  State appeals court rules against latest effort to block penalties for taxi drivers refusing to take passengers carrying alcohol.     09.12.08
  Calif. teacher can pursue free-speech claim against district
  Federal judge refuses to dismiss case, saying classroom banners that include words 'God' and 'Creator' provide 'healthy exposure' to diverse ideas.     09.11.08

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