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  How not to handle a college newspaper dispute (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Cutting off funds to a student publication over 'illegal' spending damages readers and smacks of censorship.     02.10.08
  A campus newspaper reaches out (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski University of South Dakota's Volante undertakes effort to diversify staff, news sources.     02.08.08
  Federal court rejects council critic's First Amendment claims (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Judge says Kirkwood, Mo., man didn't have right 'to voice repetitive, personal, virulent attacks against' city and its officials during public meetings.     02.07.08
  9th Circuit panel rules against police officer who ran sex site (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Ronald Dible argues unsuccessfully that he should not have been fired because he took pains on his Web site not to identify himself as a police officer.     02.05.08
  Speak freely, but keep off the grass (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes Park Service proposes designated place on National Mall in D.C. for neat, tidy, domesticated protests — to protect grass.     02.03.08
  'The Wire' examines Baltimore through prism of the press (commentary)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. HBO show, in final season, depicts a big-city newspaper's flaws, struggles, as well as its potential to help its community.     01.30.08
  Huckabee: First Amendment ups and downs (analysis)
  By Melanie Bengtson GOP contender has tried to blur church-state separation, and has crossed swords with press, but bolstered Arkansas FOIA.     01.29.08
  3rd Circuit lets sunshine in on famous coroner’s trial (commentary)
  By Douglas Lee Jurors’ names to be public in trial of Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist accused of improper conduct.     01.28.08
  Voters will decide if political attacks are too rough (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski If you think today's candidates talk mean, you should have heard some old-time political mudslinging.     01.27.08
  Can civility restore America? (commentary)
  By Charles C. Haynes A civil public square requires forging a civic agreement to uphold the rights of others, even those with whom we deeply disagree.     01.20.08
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