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11th Circuit backs Fla. school district's rules on body piercings
By David L. Hudson Jr. Student had challenged policy, which bars jewelry that pierces anything but ears, as violation of her right to self-expression.   09.01.08

6th Circuit: Ohio can nix mixing of alcohol, nudity
By David L. Hudson Jr. Overturning lower court decision, divided three-judge panel finds rule barring sale of liquor at places that allow nudity or sexual activity doesn't violate First Amendment.   08.29.08

5th Circuit brings Texas inmate's case out of the cold
By David L. Hudson Jr. Panel reinstates lawsuit in which Juarez Miguel Bibbs claims that prison guards retaliated against him for filing grievances.    08.26.08

Inmate’s scribble on cell wall ruled a true threat
By David L. Hudson Jr. Wisconsin appeals court unswayed by argument that penciled words constituted 'hyperbolic emotional outburst.'   08.19.08

3rd Circuit won't create new category of unprotected speech
By David L. Hudson Jr. Court votes 10-3 to strike down 1999 federal statute that criminalizes depictions of animal cruelty.   08.01.08