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Bush vs. Kerry: Whose side is God on?
By Charles C. Haynes From Catholic debate over John Kerry’s Catholic faith to fight over partisan appeals in houses of worship, issues involving religion, politics are shaping public opinion in unpredictable ways.   09.05.04

Legal trends favor allowing religious fliers in public schools
By Charles C. Haynes Some sue if schools let religious fliers be distributed, others sue if they don't — but courts may have tilted in favor of fliers.   08.22.04

Court censors anti-abortion protest for sake of traffic flow
By Charles C. Haynes 8th Circuit allows classic ‘heckler’s veto’ instead of blaming motorists who stopped, blocking road, after seeing graphic posters.   08.08.04

Religious liberty behind bars: How free should prisoners be?
By Charles C. Haynes Prisons can’t impose substantial burdens on free-exercise rights of prisoners unless the regulation serves a compelling state interest, such as prison safety.   07.25.04

Freedom takes strong stomachs, but many of us have indigestion
By Charles C. Haynes Survey shows Americans still have trouble endorsing specific First Amendment liberties they claim to support overall.   07.11.04

Is Europe’s ‘Godless constitution’ good for religion?
By Charles C. Haynes Government appropriations of God, whether in pledges or constitutions, are no favor to religious faith.   06.27.04

Religion and politics: battling over Kerry’s Catholic credentials
By Charles C. Haynes Catholics' 'family argument' spilling into national debate, risks politicizing church.   06.13.04