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A right for one is a right for all
By Charles C. Haynes Two court victories by religious groups this month remind us that government must stay neutral toward religion.   04.29.07

Imus, Coulter and the marketplace for offensive speech
By Charles C. Haynes The danger is that the messier the speech, the louder the clamor for government to clean up the mess.   04.15.07

Witch trials and tribulations in the land of the free
By Charles C. Haynes No matter what military officers, school principals or other officials think about Wicca, it's their constitutional duty to protect the religious freedom of all Americans, including witches.    04.01.07

Americans don’t know much about religion, but does it matter?
By Charles C. Haynes Religious literacy matters because religion matters — it plays a central role in shaping events at home and abroad.   03.18.07