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Political science: unintelligent debate over intelligent design
By Charles C. Haynes Those wishing to make a case for a 'theory' with no testable hypotheses should do so in research universities and journals — not use public schools as proving grounds.   08.21.05

Eminent domain: Seize a church, build a mall?
By Charles C. Haynes Supreme Court ruling worries some religious groups because tax-exempt houses of worship are inviting targets to tax-hungry municipalities.   08.07.05

God, schools and public opinion: moving to the center?
By Charles C. Haynes Latest State of the First Amendment survey suggests a sensible middle way may be emerging in people's views on religion in schools.   07.24.05

High court on Ten Commandments: messy but wise decisions
By Charles C. Haynes Justices' messages on displays involving government property is: It depends. And that may be exactly what we need.   07.10.05

Debating the Patriot Act: Is the sun setting on Section 215?
By Charles C. Haynes Prospect of getting checked out by the FBI for checking out the wrong book just plain scares people.   06.26.05