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From Dayton to Dover: Why is Darwin still on trial?
By Charles C. Haynes When believers insist on 'proving' religion through science, they are playing on the wrong field.   10.16.05

Will new textbook bring peace in school Bible wars?
By Charles C. Haynes The Bible and Its Influence may give public schools their best shot at teaching about the Bible in a constitutional way.   10.02.05

Church, state and Judge Roberts: Will the wall come tumbling down?
By Charles C. Haynes If nominee is confirmed and believes as his predecessor did, a vital bulwark against government-endorsed religion could be weakened.   09.18.05

Pat Robertson, free speech and the court of public opinion
By Charles C. Haynes Did religious broadcaster have a First Amendment right to urge the Venezuelan president's assassination? Yes, and here's why.   09.04.05

Political science: unintelligent debate over intelligent design
By Charles C. Haynes Those wishing to make a case for a 'theory' with no testable hypotheses should do so in research universities and journals — not use public schools as proving grounds.   08.21.05