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In 1657, a small group stood up for religious freedom — for others
By Charles C. Haynes Signers of the Flushing Remonstrance, in trying to protect Quakers from persecution, set a standard for all of us — and paid a price.   12.23.07

To advance religious freedom, teach about religion
By Charles C. Haynes European security organization warns that diverse societies can't afford ignorance about their citizens' different faiths.   12.09.07

Fighting over a moment of silence: much ado about nothing
By Charles C. Haynes There's really no need to pass such laws, but once they're passed, there's even less of a need to challenge them.   11.25.07

Embarrassment of riches: Grassley targets ‘prosperity ministries’
By Charles C. Haynes If the question is whether televangelists 'should' be raking in money, that's a theological matter for Christians, not a Senate committee.   11.11.07