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Fighting over religion: What to watch for in 2005
By Charles C. Haynes Faith-based initiatives, Ten Commandments displays, evolution, gay marriage lead list of contentious First Amendment-related issues.   01.02.05

Merry fill-in-the-blank: fighting over the December dilemma
By Charles C. Haynes From Maine to California, Americans are arguing more than ever about how to celebrate the season of 'peace on earth, goodwill toward men.'   12.19.04

Darwin under fire (again): intelligent design vs. evolution
By Charles C. Haynes Anti-evolutionists see 'design' theory as next hope for changing science education in public schools.   12.05.04

Christian-Republican alliance: Faustian bargain?
By Charles C. Haynes When religion, politics mix too thoroughly, religion may find itself compromised.   11.21.04