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In defense of the right to offend
By Charles C. Haynes Amid the Muhammad cartoon furor, we should remember that freedom of religion does not mean freedom from offense.   02.19.06

War of worldviews: Christian schools vs. University of California
By Charles C. Haynes Court case could pit evangelical Christian curricula against college requirements.   02.05.06

Class over: Anti-evolution forces lose another round
By Charles C. Haynes Labeling a course ‘philosophy’ to sneak intelligent design into the curriculum doesn’t relieve school district from presenting material objectively — using the best scholarship and assigning readings representing a range of views.   01.19.06

Fighting over religion in 2006: Déjà vu all over again?
By Charles C. Haynes Intelligent design, Ten Commandments, Pledge of Allegiance, Bible courses and, yes, Christmas will continue to be contested.   01.08.06